Bitcoin’s Institutional Holdings: A Sign of Increased Adoption

Institutions Rush Back to Bitcoin as Market Recovers

A year ago, the crypto market was in turmoil. The collapse of FTX exchange sent shockwaves through the industry, and Bitcoin (BTC) fell below $17,000. Today, the picture is much different. BTC is trading above $37,000, and the crypto market is worth over $1.4 trillion. One of the key factors driving this recovery is the return of institutional investors.


Institutional Investors Are Back

Institutional investors, such as hedge funds and pension funds, have been steadily increasing their exposure to BTC over the past few months. According to a recent report by CoinShares, the number of BTC held by investment funds reached a new all-time high of 863,434 last week. This represents a 2.3% increase in BTC holdings in the past month alone.

The reasons for this renewed interest in BTC are manifold. First, the likelihood of a Bitcoin ETF approval in 2024 has increased, which would make it easier for institutions to invest in the asset. Second, the imminent Bitcoin halving, which is expected to occur in 2024, is also a factor. The halving is an event that occurs every four years, in which the amount of BTC awarded to miners is cut in half. This causes the supply of BTC to become more scarce, which can drive up the price.

Bitcoin Supply Squeeze

The increase in institutional demand for BTC is also being driven by a supply squeeze. According to Glassnode, the amount of BTC held by long-term investors is at a near-all-time high. This means that there is less BTC available for sale, which is putting upward pressure on the price.

What Does This Mean for the Future of BTC?

The return of institutional investors is a major positive for BTC. It suggests that the asset is now being seen as a legitimate investment, and that its price is likely to continue to rise in the long term. The Bitcoin halving in 2024 is also likely to provide further support for the price. As the supply of BTC becomes more scarce, the demand from institutional investors is likely to grow even stronger.

The crypto market is still relatively developing and driving adoption to mainstream, and it is likely to experience volatility in the years to come. However, the return of institutional investors is a sign that BTC is here to stay. As the asset matures, it is likely to become even more widely adopted globally.

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