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One Click Algorand Node Setup Using Seracle Blockchain Cloud

  1. Login or register with Metamask
  1. Once you have logged in, create a new project by clicking on the top right icon that says “New Project”.
  1. Create your Algorand project and add a description. Select Module as ‘Blockchain’ and Blockchain as Algorand, proceed to select the network and submit
  1. Playground – On the playground, you can test APIs and explore the API types. As you scroll, you will find Connection Code Snipped that allows you to code in any programming languages like Node.js, Curl, Python, C#., you can simply copy the code and implement.
  1. Analytics – Track API hits and credits used over the span of 30/60/90 days with details like Total API hits, Successful API hits, and Invalid API hits.

Find detailed report of the hourly/weekly/monthly API hits, successful APIs hits, and invalid API hits. 

  1. Logs – Find details of your API transactions including blockchain, type, API, description, IP address, credit consumed, latency, http status code and more.
  1. Endpoint – Access your node with HTTP & RPC
  1. API Docs – Understand how API credits work, what is the IP rate limit, how to get the API keys, and how to geenenrate the API signature. Explore Algorand blockchain, transactional, and other APIs on the doc. 

Keep BUDLing! 

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